Beep, beep! Make way for Linux on connected cars

Mike Wheatley | July 3rd

Move over Apple, Windows and Android – Linux is making its own play to become the default operating system for smart cars with the release of downloadable code from its Automotive Grade Linux project. ...»

Google opens Gmail to developers in bid to replace IMAP

Mike Wheatley | June 26th

Google has decided to lift the lid on its Gmail service, allowing every man and his dog to write apps that can access your inbox, so long as you agree to let them in. Hailed as...»

IE Developer Channel offers ‘sneak peek’ at Microsoft’s next browser

Mike Wheatley | June 18th

Developers can now get their mitts on a special version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser offering previews of forthcoming capabilities and features. Called the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, the special...»

Salesforce rigs up Heroku into its cloud

Mike Wheatley | May 14th

Quite a few people were scratching their heads when added Heroku to its list of acquisitions. After all, why on earth would Salesforce with its SaaS platform feel the need to...»

ServiceNow DevOps Round Up: Empowering the service-oriented enterprise with DevOps | #Know14

Saroj Kar | May 8th

With the rise of DevOps applications in the cloud, gaining extensive knowledge and control of applications has been a challenge for IT. The combination of growth in volume of data and the proliferation of automation tools has led...»

Google’s Project Tango finds a new territory: the NASA Space Station

Saroj Kar | April 21st

Google’s technology will soon enter into new territory: space. NASA has announced plans to take advantage of Project Tango on board  the International Space Station to guide SPHERES robots' navigation within the facility. SPHERES...»

Developers movin’ on top: How open-source + cloud changed the landscape

Mike Wheatley | April 17th

One of the biggest ongoing conversations in tech right now pertains to the shifting role of developers, and what this will mean for IT departments. A recent survey by Puppet Labs shows that...»

DevOps behind emergence of continuous innovation, delivery becoming standard practice | #RHSummit

Alan McStravick | April 16th

Ask anyone in DevOps about the unicorns in their field and they will tell you about the companies that have embraced the concept of allowing their developers to conceive, write and deploy their code quickly and continually....»

Space programs join open source community, NASA releases source code catalogue

Saroj Kar | April 16th

One small step for NASA, a great gift for the open source community. The National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) plans to release the source code of some 1,000 software projects this week. The U.S. space agency wants...»